CoSci study abroad students build replicas of iconic buildings in UK

Jorge Vanegas

Steve Rodgers

Patrick Suermann

Texas A&M construction science students studying abroad in the United Kingdom in March 2018 battled chilly, windy, rainy weather as they built scaled-down replicas of two iconic European buildings at Constructionarium, which provides students with a “hands on” building experience on a 15-acre site in northeast England.

Working in two teams, students overcame the elements and equipment-related setbacks to finish the replicas of the Gherkin, a London skyscraper, and the Millau Viaduct, the world’s tallest bridge, said Jorge Vanegas, dean of the College of Architecture, who visited the jobsite March 11-17 with Patrick Suermann, head of the Department of Construction Science.

To complete the task, the 33 students assumed roles typically performed at a jobsite, such as project managers, safety officers, accounting and scheduling heads, and others.

“I cannot express how proud I am of our students,” said Vanegas. “Both teams persevered and got the job done, despite obstacles they faced along the way.”

The students were led by construction science faculty Gary Boldt and Steve Rodgers.

The weeklong build, reported by KBTX-TV, is part of what British educators, construction professionals, and legal experts regard as a unique, transformational learning experience, said Rodgers.

“With the goodwill that we’ve built with the British construction industry over the years of this study abroad program, they give us opportunities to go do and see things that other students simply do not have, even universities here in the UK,” he said in a 360-degree video produced by Texas A&M.

College students also attend study abroad in venues located in Germany, Italy, and Spain.


Richard Nira

posted March 19, 2018