Redesign the College of Architecture’s gonfalon

A $1,000 prize will go to  the winner of the Texas A&M College of Architecture’s student competition to redesign the college’s gonfalon.

A banner symbolizing the college and its disciplines, the gonfalon is prominently displayed at university functions like commencement exercises.

Contestants can enter individually or as a team, but members of a winning team will split the prize money.

Competition information and Texas A&M gonfalon design specifications are detailed on this flyer.

College Gonfalon Design Competition Guidelines

  • Create a design representing the College of Architecture. Keep in mind the diversity of disciplines that embody the institution.
  • The design must function on a 29” x 33” white satin background.
  • In addition to the white satin background, the College of Architecture’s gonfalon has two colors that cannot be changed: Aggie Maroon, which appears on the velvet irregular pentagon-shaped area at the bottom of the gonfalon, and brown, which appears on the brown velvet swaths or bars at the top of the banner and below the college graphic. Brown is the academic color for fine arts and architecture. Below are the CMYK formulas for these set colors:

       Aggie Maroon: Cyan = 15, Magenta = 100, Yellow = 39, Black = 69

       Brown: Cyan = 0, Magenta = 29, Yellow = 100, Black = 56

  • Remember, the gonfalon is a quilted medium and the design must be legible from 100 yards.
  • Only College of Architecture students and student teams are eligible.
  • Design only the 29” x 33” middle area of the gonfalon with the college emblem.
  • The background of your design must be white.
  • Design at the original 29” x 33” size. Do not design the rest of the banner!
  • Contest submissions must be proportional to original size, but do not have to be the original size. (optional InDesign template available:
  • All submissions must include a terse description explaining how your design represents the Texas A&M College of Architecture and its departments. This description is essential and judges will weigh it as an integral part of the design submission.

        See samples from other colleges:

  • Submissions must be received by 5 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016.
  • Submit digital entries online in PDF format at:
  • Non-digital submissions should be turned in to the dean’s office.
  • Teams must choose one individual as the primary contact.
  • Team submissions should include all team members’ names, UINs and majors.

Symbolism of College of Architecture’s current gonfalon

The inner triangle represents the essential insight of the social, economic, and political forces that shape our environment. The surrounding pyramid is an ancient symbol of the creative intellect. The interweaving bands of white below the pyramid form the necessary interactions of science and art.

posted October 5, 2016