LAUP professor earns research award, directorship from national landscape architecture council

Jun Hyun Kim

Jun Hyun Kim

Kim has also earned an honor from the Center for Teaching Excellence.

A body of research exploring the relationship between landscape patterns and health earned Jun-Hyun Kim, an assistant professor of landscape architecture at Texas A&M, a prestigious award from a global educators’ group.

Kim, who joined the Texas A&M faculty in 2011, was presented with the Excellence in Research and/or Creative Works Award from the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture in March 2015.

The highly competitive award, which Kim received during an annual CELA annual conference at Kansas State University, is based on a scholar’s overall research achievements and granted only once per career.

“Kim is systematically building a body of peer‐reviewed, funded scholarship to address what he has identified as a lack of research regarding spatial landscape patterns’ effects on people's physical and mental health,” said Forster Ndubisi, head of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, in a nomination letter.

“He has established himself as a promising young scholar with a unique and focused research agenda that can bridge some of the critical knowledge gaps in environment-health literature,” said Chanam Lee, Texas A&M professor of urban planning.

Kim, whose work has been published in several top-rated journals, has co-authored seven peer-reviewed journal papers and authored 12 technical reports.

“Very impressive, especially for a junior faculty member who has a full teaching load that includes three studio courses per academic year,” said Ndubisi.

Kim, who is serving a three-year term as Region 3 director for CELA, which advocates and provides a forum for landscape architecture education programs and fosters and disseminates landscape architectural scholarship.

He also earned a teaching award in 2015 from Texas A&M’s Center for Teaching Excellence.


posted August 31, 2015