Ph.D. student’s project melds HKS’ programming with BIM

Ehsan Barekati

Ehsan Barekati specializes in design and computation research, design & development of BIM design tools, architectural design, freehand drawing and design studio teaching.

Ehsan Barekati, a Ph.D. architecture student interning at HKS, Inc. has developed software that makes the architecture firm’s program documents compatible with all building information modeling programs.

He demonstrated the software in Miami at Fiatech’s April 2012 Technology and Conference Showcase. Fiatech is an international community pursuing the global development
and adoption of innovative practices and technologies to realize the highest
business value of capital assets.

With the system Barekati developed, HKS’ Excel architectural program documents can be imported and stored into a Revit architecture software database, then exported into all BIM data models.

While interning at HKS, Barekati has worked with the firm’s clinical solution and research group on architectural programming and planning, research and software development.

The conference, which took place April 2-5, 2012, showcased the latest trends in the capital project industry’s information exchanges, materials management, software development, and other topics.

posted August 3, 2012