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Semester abroad experience called 'profound, life-changing'

For many students semester abroad is life-changing

posted March 2, 2015
For the last 15 years, undergraduate College of Architecture students have spent a mandatory long semester abroad. An article in the Nov. 13, 2014 issue of The Texas A&M Foundation’s Spirit magazine, showcases the value of spending a “semester away.”
Aggies studying abroad introduce Big Event tradition to Europeans

Students studying abroad bring Big Event to Europe

posted April 15, 2014
Numerous public spaces in Europe received “facelifts” from College of Architecture students in three study abroad venues as a “thank you” to their host communities — mirroring the annual Big Event tradition in Bryan/College Station.
Students’ demonstration kitchen idea wins Italian design contest

Aggies win design contest in Italy

posted February 17, 2014
A demonstration kitchen for showcasing Tuscan and American culinary cultures designed by Texas A&M study abroad students as a tourist attraction for Castiglion Fiorentino, won a design competition sponsored by the Italian city last fall.
Prof promoting move of Wright's Bachman Wilson House to Italy

Prof seeks sponsors to fund relocation of Wright home to Italy

posted May 7, 2013
A New Jersey residence designed by Frank Lloyd Wright could soon be moved to Fiasole, Italy with help from Paolo Bulletti, adjunct professor of architecture at Texas A&M’s study abroad venue in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy.
CoSci intern encounters hurricanes, snowstorm

Hurricanes follow construction science student's internship

posted December 4, 2012
Two hurricanes and a snowstorm buffeted Texas A&M third-year construction science student Nathan Atkins during his internship, but he said the experience has given him complete confidence that he’s ready to graduate and enter the “real world.”
Entrepreneurial design group leaving its mark at Texas A&M

Entrepreneurial student designers tackle local projects

posted October 12, 2012
A entrepreneurial team of senior environmental design majors who bonded in a freshman studio is leaving its mark at Texas A&M tackling projects that include a countertop with design cues from campus' landmark Century Oak.
Wright Gallery exhibit featured work by young Spanish architects

Exhibit showcased work of emerging Spanish architects

posted October 8, 2012
An exhibit showcased the extraordinary work of Spanish architects, whose designs made their nation a global point of architectural reference by the end of the 20th century, Nov. 6 – Dec. 10, 2012 in the Texas A&M College of Architecture's Wright Gallery.
Students studying abroad in Italy design film school, video games

Students studying in Italy design film school, video games

posted August 13, 2012
Students studying abroad in Italy designed a film school on the outside wall of the medieval town of Castiglion Fiorentino and used their host town as a setting to create video games during their Texas A&M spring 2012 study abroad semester.
Recent BED grad helps design education center in Rwanda

Alum helps design center in Rwanda

posted August 2, 2012
Rwandans will soon have a new education facility, designed in part by Zach Wise, a 2012 Bachelor of Environmental Design graduate from Texas A&M. As an intern with Engineering Ministries International, he traveled to Kigali, Rwanda, to help design a training center.
CoSci study abroad students help wayward U.S. tourists in London

CoSci students help wayward UK tourists

posted July 30, 2012
Two U.S. tourists traveling in London last spring were so grateful for the help they received navigating the city's Byzantine subway system, that they penned a letter praising their benefactors, Texas A&M construction science students Colin Spencer and Ian Stephenson, and sent it to the department head.
Wright Gallery exhibit featured work by young Spanish architects

Exhibit showcased work of emerging Spanish architects

posted July 24, 2012
An exhibit showcasing the extraordinary work of emerging architects from Spain, where architecture became a global point of reference by the end of the 20th century, was on display Nov. 6 – Dec. 10, 2012 in the Texas A&M College of Architecture's Wright Gallery.
Students create redevelopment plans for Bonn's Rhine riverfront

Students create designs for Rhine riverfront area

posted July 17, 2012
Design and planning students at Texas A&M envisioned turning the downtown Rhine riverfront in Bonn, Germany into a destination for residential and business development and tourism during a fall 2011 study abroad studio.
Barucchieri honored in service spearheaded by BED student

Student honored to plan Italian prof's memorial service

posted May 25, 2012
Marquesa Figueroa, an environmental design student, said it was an honor to spearhead planning for the May 5 memorial service for the late Paolo Barucchieri, longtime director of the Santa Chiara Study Center in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy.
Aggie-founded architecture program thriving in Bangladesh

Aggie-founded arch program flourishing in Bangladesh

posted April 30, 2012
More than 50 year's ago two adventurous members of the architecture faculty at Texas A&M University traveled with their families and an associate to South Asia to establish the first architectural education program in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.
Roldán discusses his firm’s projects at Feb. 27 lecture

Roldan lectures at 2012 series

posted April 27, 2012
Miguel Roldán, founding principal of R+B Architects in Barcelona and adjunct professor of architecture at Texas A&M’s study abroad program in Spain, discussed his firm’s projects Feb. 27 as part of the Spring 2012 Architecture Lecture Series.