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housing & urban development

CHUD awards 5 Mitchell-Dockery Prizes for public interest designs

Public interest design projects recognized

posted June 6, 2013
Five projects selected as outstanding examples of public interest design, which addresses social, economic and environmental issues for a community, rather than an individual client, were named by a jury of designers and social justice advocates as winners of the Mitchell-Dockery Prize in Public Interest Design.
Studies show social vulnerability mapping reduces disaster impacts

Mapping at-risk populations aids hazard mitigation

posted April 26, 2013
Emergency management planners could reduce losses and strengthen community resilience by mapping socially vulnerable areas and focusing hazard mitigation efforts where they are most needed, said Shannon Van Zandt, a Texas A&M urban planning professor.
Tactical urbanism talk outlines urban intervention strategies

Lecture highlights tactical urbanism uses, strategies

posted February 4, 2013
Urban planner Rik Adamski discussed "tactical urbanism," the implementation of small scale, typically low-cost, community-led improvements to public space, Feb. 20.
Former student’s design group, residents revitalize neighborhood

Design group, residents renew neighborhood

posted January 15, 2013
The revitalization of an isolated, impoverished East Dallas neighborhood, a collaboration between its residents and a design group led by Brent Brown ’91, a former architecture student at Texas A&M, was highlighted at a recent conference at Southern Methodist University.
Grad students develop low-cost housing solutions for refugees

Students develop housing prototypes for refugee camps

posted December 12, 2012
Graduate architecture students prepared prototype low-cost housing solutions for long-term inhabitants of some of the world's largest refugee camps for a presentation to the United Nations High Commission on Refugees.
Alumnus helps Costa Rican area contend with aftermath of flood

Alum assists Costa Rican region with flood aftermath

posted October 12, 2012
A group of villages in Costa Rica hard hit by recent flooding received watershed management, drinking water and waste disposal guidance from an interdisciplinary United Nations-sponsored team that included a former Texas A&M environmental design student.
Van Zandt, Xiao research links home, business disaster recovery

HRRC research links home, business disaster recovery

posted September 26, 2012
Relief efforts after a natural disaster should include local businesses as well as households, because “one can’t return without the other,” said researchers at the Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center investigating Galveston’s recovery after 2008’s Hurricane Ike.
URS Ph.D program planning open house for prospective students

Urban science Ph.D program sets open house Oct. 21-23

posted September 26, 2012
Prospective students can learn more about Texas A&M’s Urban and Regional Science doctoral program during an Oct. 21-23 open house, to be held in conjunction with the 14th annual College of Architecture Research Symposium: Natural, Built, Virtual.
Van Zandt redefining Center for Housing & Urban Development

New CHUD director shares vision for center's expansion

posted September 21, 2012
Shannon Van Zandt, the new director of the Center for Housing and Urban Development, is redefining and expanding the center's mission after its separation from the Colonias Program, the center's primary focus since its inception in 1991.
TTI partners with Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning

LAUP, TTI enjoy close relationship

posted August 13, 2012
For centuries, a symbiotic relationship between planning and transportation has existed. “For most of the 20th century, engineers decided what needed to go where. In the 21st century, that’s changing a bit,” said Forster Ndubisi, head of Texas A&M’s Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning.
College partners with TAMU- Galveston in new Institute for Sustainable Coastal Communities

College partners with TAMU-G on coastal research institute

posted August 13, 2012
A new research institute dedicated to a better understanding of establishing sustainable and resilient coastal communities, places and landscapes will combine resources of Texas A&M’s College of Architecture and Texas A&M University at Galveston.
Students to design, build home in new, multidisciplinary initiative

Students to design, build new house

posted August 9, 2012
Students from all disciplines at Texas A&M’s College of Architecture will design and build a single-family residence during the 2012-13 academic year in a subdivision near downtown Bryan as part of the new collegewide Real Projects initiative.
HRRC eyes why hazard planning has not mitigated vulnerabilities

HRRC examining implementation of local hazard plans

posted August 2, 2012
Researchers at Texas A&M's Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center are investigating why the proliferation of hazard mitigation planning by local governmental agencies in disaster prone regions along the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts has not significantly reduced their vulnerability.
Texas A&M's Colonias Program transforming border communities

Colonias Program transforming Texas border communities

posted June 28, 2012
For more than two decades, the Colonias Program has been implementing sustainable solutions aimed at transforming these communities, reducing their isolation and helping their residents become full participants in the U.S. economy and society.
LAUP students contribute to successful rebirth of federal housing project in Beaumont

LAUP students help remake housing project in Beaumont

posted June 26, 2012
A public housing development in Beaumont severely damaged by Hurricane Rita has been rebuilt nto a successful, sustainable community, concludes a study headed by Shannon Van Zandt, interim director of the Center for Housing & Urban Development.