ASC honors CoSci prof with Lifetime Achievement Award

Kenneth C. Williamson III

In recognition of more than 30 years of distinguished leadership in construction education, Kenneth C. Williamson III, a Texas A&M associate professor of construction science, received a Lifetime Achievement award from The Associated Schools of Construction, an international organization of professional construction educators. 

“As a student doing homework and projects late into the night, it was common for Dr. Williamson’s office to be the only light on in the building," said Ben Bigelow, former student and later collegue. "In subsequent class periods, when asked why he kept such late hours, his answer typically had to do with his work as a Webmaster for the ASC or his duties as the Journal Editor." 

An accomplished industry professional, Williamson spent 18 years as a home builder and bonded general contractor before transitioning into education, where he has taught more than 250 graduate and undergraduate courses at three universities including Texas A&M, Illinois State University and the University of Oklahoma. 

A construction visualization expert, he has conducted extensive research on strategies that improve how construction concepts are taught and learned, authored dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles, co-authored books and presented at more than 50 conferences.

He created the Journal of Construction Education, now the International Journal of Construction Education and Research, a venue for publishing construction faculty research and a major contribution to construction education. He also created the Associated Schools of Construction website in 1994 and has served in myriad capacities with the organization since 1988, including webmaster, regional director, competition coordinator and others. 

Williamson is the 14thh individual to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award in the 54 years of the ASC’s existence. He has also received the ASC National Teaching Award and twice received the ASC National Outstanding Service Award. In 2004, Dr. Williamson received the Associated General Contractors of America National Outstanding Educator Award.

Williamson joined the Texas A&M faculty in 1997. He earned three degrees from the University of Oklahoma: a Ph.D. in instructional psychology and technology, a master’s degree in construction science and a bachelor’s degree in law and public administration.

“Dr. Williamson exemplifies the meaning of the ASC Lifetime Achievement Award through his years of outstanding service to the ASC in many capacities as well as his contributions to construction education,” said collegue Dr. Heather Yates, Oklahoma State University. “I cannot imagine a more deserving candidate, although there are many fine faculty associated with ASC. In many ways, ASC simply would not be as meaningful to construction education as it is today without the years of exceptional service to the organization by Dr. Williamson.” 

Sarah Wilson

posted June 6, 2018