Former student Bryan Trubey masters sports arena design

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Editor's note: Texas A&M Foundation writer Jeannie Ralson traces the rise of College of Architecture Outstanding Alumnus Bryan Trubey ’83 from his school days at Texas A&M to his current post as executive vice president and director of sports and entertainment a HKS, Inc. in the current issue of Spirit Magazine. Here's an excerpt:


People as accomplished as Bryan Trubey ’83 usually have an origin story. They can point to an experience, a person or a book that lit the spark that led to a passion and became a scintillating career. Trubey—an innovator in the field of sports architecture, having designed the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium among many other major arenas around the world—was apparently born with an innate sense of his destiny.

“I don’t ever remember not wanting to be an architect,” he said from an airy conference room at the Dallas headquarters of HKS Inc., an international architecture firm. “I can’t tell you where it originated, but I have one silly story. In first or second grade, I drew an illustration of what I wanted to be: a world-famous architect living on an island. The drawing included all the things I would build on the island.” Trubey’s mother saved it.

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posted December 5, 2017