Lavy, collaborators stress facility managers’ reliance on tech in award-winning literature review

Kunhee Choi


Sarel Lavy

Facility managers should embrace the latest technological developments and rely on data-driven decision making, resolved a team led by Sarel Lavy, Texas A&M associate professor of construction science, after an extensive review of scholarly articles, books and conference proceedings about technology’s relationship to facility management.

“Data-based applications, such as building information modeling, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, 3-D printing and the interconnectivity of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, also known as the Internet of Things, all show significant potential to aid facility managers,” said Lavy, whose review earned Best Paper honors at a construction engineering and management conference in South Korea.

In their review, Lavy and three partners found the facility management industry has been slow to adopt new technologies. His collaborators included Kunhee Choi, associate professor of construction science, and Nishith Singh and Antony Justin, graduate construction management students.

Lavy’s team illustrated how these and other technologies apply to a variety of facility manager organizational functions, including maintenance management, building energy consumption, space planning and management, and cleaning services.

It is of utmost importance, he added, that facility managers keep up with recent technology developments and acquire the necessary skills to stay relevant.

Lavy received the award in the construction management paper category at the 2017 International Conference on Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Constructed Infrastructure Facilities, July 19-21 in Seoul, South Korea.


Richard Nira

posted November 9, 2017