Student-made sculptures a hit at Brazos Valley Arts Center exhibit

Dmitri Koustov

A group of metal sculptures displayed outside The Arts Center in College Station, created by Texas A&M undergraduate students in a visualization sculpture class, became an interactive exhibit, creating quite a buzz in the Bryan/College Station area, said Chris Dyer, CEO of The Arts Council of Brazos Valley

The abstract pieces were created in a spring 2016 sculpture class led by Dmitri Koustov, a visualization lecturer.

”Because the 13 sculptures are relatively small, visitors are constantly rearranging them, then taking selfies or group photos,” said Dyer. “We are always excited when art is interactive, even by accident.” he said.

“We had no idea the pieces would spark so many conversations about what they represent,” he continued. “The colors of the works are vibrant and each piece is unique, adding to the popularity and overall appeal of the show.”

Students began the semester by learning about elements of three-dimensional design  — mass, space, planes and surfaces, line, texture, light and color — and how to organize the elements using principles of design — proportion, balance, movement, rhythm and emphasis. They also explored the formal, historical and global dimensions of contemporary sculptural art.

Students then applied their new knowledge by creating cardboard models of geometric and organic shapes, then headed to the College of Architecture’s Automated Fabrication & Design Lab (aka the Architecture Ranch) to create their metal sculptures.

First, they created a flat piece, then created an abstract piece from metal they obtained from a local scrapyard.

In addition to learning how to express themselves artistically, students acquired numerous new skills, such as welding, bending and grinding metal, said Koustov.

“Students enjoyed creating in a process that mimicked what an artist does in a real sculpture studio,” said Koustov, whose students’ work is also on display outside Langford C.

The pieces will be on display through the middle of the first week of May.

posted April 29, 2016