Textbook on mind-body research co-edited by visualization prof

Louis Tassinary

The latest edition of a book touted as an exhaustive overview of current research in psychophysiology — the scientific study of the interaction between mind and body — was co-edited by Louis Tassinary, professor of visualization at Texas A&M.

Handbook of Psychophysiology The new tome, “Handbook of Psychophysiology,” has been an authoritative resource in the field for more than 25 years, according to its publisher, Cambridge University Press.

In the book’s fourth edition, available February 2017, Tassinary and his co-editors include reviews of research in topical areas like stress, emotion, language, behavioral medicine, and the study of mental disorders. It’s an essential reference for students and scientists in the behavioral, cognitive and biological sciences, said the publisher.

Readers will find a thorough review of the theoretical foundations of the field and insightful contributions from leading scholars, including some of the founders of psychophysiology research, said Stephano Cappa of the Institute for Advanced Studies.

With pragmatic, conceptual, and cutting-edge coverage of a wide range of approaches, methods, and applications, the book will inspire and inform research across a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines, said John Allen, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Arizona.

A former executive associate dean at the Texas A&M College of Architecture, Tassinary, who joined the university’s faculty in 1990, is interested in neuroscience, noninvasive physiological recording techniques and historic preservation law. He earned a Juris Doctor degree in environmental law at Boston College in 2003 and a Ph.D. in psychology at Dartmouth College in 1985.

Tassinary’s co-editors are John Cacioppo, founding director of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at the University of Chicago, and Gary G. Berntson, an Emeritus Academy Professor of Psychology at Ohio State University.

Cacioppo and Berntson are two leading pioneers in social neuroscience, an interdisciplinary field whose practitioners investigate the relationship between human behavior and biology.

posted November 16, 2016