Artist's work explores how built environment influences feelings

 Jennifer Chenoweth

Jennifer Chenoweth

“You Are Here”
artist’s reception
4:30p.m. Feb. 17
Wright Gallery

Artist Jennifer Chenoweth, principal of Fisterra Studio in Austin, explores how architectural design influences feelings in “You Are Here,” an exhibit showcasing her drawings, paintings and sculpture Feb. 13 – March 12 in the Wright Gallery, located on the second floor of the Langford Architecture Center’s building A on the Texas A&M campus.

An reception for Chenoweth is scheduled 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 17 at the gallery.

Her art examines the paths, plans, elevations, shapes and scale of various structures that create the built environment.

“Some architecture was built to shelter us, to embrace us, or to dwarf us,” she said. “How do we understand what the elements of those designs are? What makes us feel included and connected? How do we compose ourselves within those shapes and spaces?”

Chenoweth said she created the pieces while imagining how a structure’s shape exists in relation to the viewer’s scale. “I used whatever materials were right for the pieces: metal, wood, plaster, concrete, glass, clay, fabric or vinyl,” she said.

Her art includes elements of cartooning, prettiness and also reflects her interest in painting history.

“My artistic process depends on persistence, perception, and discovery,” she said.  “I may begin with calligraphic ink drawings that eventually become a large kinetic steel sculpture. I connect ideas, forms, and colors to synthesize something new. I am an active agent of evolution.”

Seen together, she said, her work shows the evolution of shapes through multiple processes, iterations, sizes and materials.

“I incorporate methods that appear easy but are labor-intensive, and make icons out of what originated as quick gestures,” she said.

After earning a Master of Fine Art degree at the University of Texas in 1999, Chenoweth began creating art that has been widely displayed, including exhibits at galleries in Austin, London, Miami, and Santa Fe, N.M.

Her exhibit in the Wright Gallery is one of a series of 2014-15 academic year displays.

The next exhibit, “Estrangeira,” featuring work by metalsmith Lauren McAdams, is scheduled March 16 - April 16.

posted February 12, 2015