Visualization prof’s art displayed in Houston gallery through Feb. 7

Sherman Finch

Gallery goers became percussionists at “Symphonic Infinitum,” an interactive exhibit of circular, hybrid objects created by multimedia artist Sherman Finch, assistant professor of visualization, at post-studio projects, 2315 Commerce Street in Houston in early 2015.

“Visitors spun the pieces, which ranged from 18 inches to 7 feet in diameter, like a roulette wheel on a wall,” said Finch. “Balls in the pieces struck various parts of their structures to create random percussive sounds.”

The project approached sound not from the vantage point of a musical instrument, but as the result of a dialogue between visual aesthetics, interaction between visitors and the pieces and the resulting effects on auditory perception, he said.  

The exhibit closed with a public reception.

Finch, an artist who works in traditional and digital media, uses a variety of tools and approaches to challenge viewers’ notions about their visual experiences by deconstructing and recontextualizing forms and images to create irony, metaphor and new meaning.

A co-founder of Texas A&M’s Learning Interactive Experience Lab, Finch earned a Master of Fine Arts in Painting and a Master of Arts in Digital Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Finch’s work has been exhibited, performed, and screened at Artscape in Baltimore, School of the Visual Arts and New Century Artist Space in New York, the Art Interactive Gallery in Boston, Sarai Media Lab in New Delhi and 500x in Dallas.

He is also a member of A.K.A., an artist collective that originated at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

posted January 26, 2015