Construction science helping conduct building tech survey

An annual survey to determine how builders are using the latest technology at the jobsite is being conducted through July 4 by an information technology services provider in partnership with Texas A&M’s Department of Construction Science.

Survey questions address topics such as IT investment, cloud security, wearable technology, and augmented and virtual reality used on the project.

"Every year, this survey gives the construction industry valuable insight into how their peers are employing technology on build projects,” said James Benham, president of Bryan-based JBK Knowledge, which is conducting the 2014 Construction Technology Report Survey. “It reveals trends in budgeting, building information modeling adoption, mobile integration, and more, that we are able to share with the industry for benchmarking and forecasting the 2015 construction technology landscape.”

To maximize builders’ participation, the survey is available online and is designed to take just 5 minutes.

All participants will receive a complimentary copy of the final survey results, which Benham will announce during his keynote address at the Associated Contractors of America IT Forum August 1 in Chicago.

Among the survey's notable findings in last year’s survey were that 47.3% of construction companies use cloud solutions but do not have cloud security policies, and that 78.2% of construction companies permit the use of personal devices for work purposes, but that only 40.5% of them request to secure or approve those personal devices prior to use.

Responses to the 2013 survey came from builders with companies of all sizes and specialties, building from less than $1 million to more than $3 billion annually.

"I was excited to see cloud and mobile adoption increasing, disappointed to see Excel and manual/paper processes still prevalent, and alarmed to know most companies have no cloud security policies in place,” said Benham.

posted June 27, 2014