Former student, partner creating marketing videos for design firms

Andrew Pogue

Andrew Pogue

Architecture firms are turning to video as a branding tool that combines a design philosophy and visuals of completed projects, said former Texas A&M environmental design student Andrew Pogue, ’07, a Denver-based videographer and photographer.

“Video is common in our web-based world, but architects have adopted it very slowly,” said Pogue, who creates architectural videos as part of Frazer Pogue Collective, a partnership with architectural and product photographer Lars Frazer.

“When architects and their clients see the depth and emotion in architecture captured through video, they instantly understand its value. Our clients are constantly receiving praise for our videos.”

After interviewing architects, Pogue and Frazer create time-lapse imagery capturing design details while tracing the movement of light through space.

“The video that Lars and Andrew created was beyond expectations,” said Deanna Bounds, marketing director at Austin’s Studio 8 architects. “Their immense artistic talent and technical expertise is the reason our video continues to market itself – we receive so much positive feedback and have attained new clients from this new marketing medium.  The video has spread well beyond our target audience and it is due to their drive in creating a perfect branding piece for Studio 8.”

Pogue, whose still photography is featured in the spring issue of Modern In Denver magazine, also has photo clients in Austin, Seattle and Los Angeles.

posted April 19, 2013