Students use recycled materials to craft installations along walkway

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A series of architectural installations created from recycled materials and designed to interact with the surrounding architecture, nature and viewers were erected last March on the second floor bridge connecting the Langford Architecture Center at Texas A&M.

The pieces, made of milk cartons, plastic storage bags and other recyclables, were created by students in a design studio led by Weiling He, professor of architecture.

“The installations claim an intimate relationship to the site by touching, clinging, locking, and penetrating it,” said He. “The direct contact between the new constructions and their location exemplified a spatial dialogue.”

Students presented the installations to representatives of the Downtown Bryan Association, local artists and city administrators Feb. 22. The pieces will be part of ArtFill, a future exhibit in the vacant north end of downtown Bryan.

The project, said He, is an extension of a “wearable architecture” fashion show in spring 2011 by shifting the site from the human body to an architectural in-between space.

posted April 17, 2013