Holiday gift giving opportunities at the College of Architecture

Larry Zuber
 Make a difference, contact Larry Zuber for details on gift giving options at the College of Architecture.

The season of giving is also one of the busiest times of year for donations to the College of Architecture, as many former students include the college and their own departments for end-of-year donations.

“Aggies are generous for many reasons,” said Larry Zuber, the Texas A&M Foundation’s assistant vice president for the College of Architecture. “Many just want to give back in honor of the people who helped shape their personal and professional lives when they were students here.”

Some of the most popular fundraising initiatives, Zuber said, honor faculty members who are remembered fondly years, even decades after a student graduates. “Most of these projects were initiated by former students who wanted to inspire their fellow graduates to do something special in a professor’s name.”

Department of Architecture

Three pillars of the architecture program, John Only Greer, David Woodcock and Rodney Hill, are being honored with professorships established by collective donations from former students.

All of the professorships listed below were initiated by former students who wanted to support personal passions of each of the these faculty members:

  • The John Only Greer Architectural Heritage Professorship,
  • The David Woodcock Professorship in Historic Preservation, and
  • The Rodney Hill Professorship in Creativity and Design.

Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning

Former students have established scholarships honoring Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning faculty listed below:

  • David Pugh Urban Planning Scholarship
  • Jesus Hinojosa Endowment Scholarship in Urban Planning
  • Michael D. Murphy Endowed Scholarship
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert White Endowed Land Architecture Fellowship
  • Nancy Volkman Scholarship

Landscape architecture professor Nancy Volkman passed away Sept. 10, 2013.

Department of Construction Science

Last year Don Weaver ’76, a former student, made a challenge gift to name the Bob Segner Auditorium in the renovated Francis Hall Construction Science Center. Former students can help match that donation in many ways, including sponsoring their own chair, thus ensuring them a “permanent seat in Bob Segner’s class.”

  • Francis Hall Construction Science Center

Department of Visualization

Giving opportunities for Vizzers include the Graham Horsley Scholarship and a collective annual Aggie Vizzers scholarship that is awarded each year at Viz-a-GoGo.

  • Aggie Vizzers Scholarship
  • W. Graham Horsley Endowed Scholarship

Contributing to these funds are just examples of how former students can give back to the alma mater and support in perpetuity new generations of students in the College of Architecture. For more information on how you can make a difference e-mail Larry Zuber at  or call 979.845.0939.

Donations can also be made online at the Texas A&M Foundation’s College of Architecture website. Please note, to direct a gift to one or more of the funds listed above, select the “Direct my gift…” option under the “Desginations” subhead to view a list of specific giving options. If what you’re looking for is not listed, please contact Mr. Zuber.

posted December 4, 2013