MSC’s 'Memory Cloud' garners coverage from design websites


Andrew Vrana

See "Memory Cloud" features on bustler and Archinect.

Design websites continue to spread the word about "Memory Cloud," a permanent, hanging sculpture at Texas A&M’s Memorial Student Center containing 4,000 LED nodes designed in part by Andrew Vrana ’93 that displays moving, 3-D silhouettes in real time and from days past.

"Memory Cloud" creates a unique scene, displaying monumental and ephemeral figures and blurring the distinction between past and present, said a post in bustler, a site that caters to the design community.

The piece, the post continued, creates an open-ended story of Texas A&M, displaying the narrative potential of programmable LEDs, remote sensing, parametric design and digital fabrication.

Archinect, which aims to make architecture more open-minded by bringing progressive architects, educators and students together through its website, also devoted a page to the piece, which was dedicated on Feb. 22, 2013.

“Memory Cloud” was chosen as the winner among three finalists in the MSC’s Sculpture Commission Competition, sponsored by the University Art Galleries Department; the $350,000 commission was awarded in February 2012.

“A lot of students just blow right by civic art,” said Vrana, who helped design the piece. “I’ve thought to myself that if I ever got an opportunity, I would create something that engages and reflects the community. That was a driving rationale in the piece’s design.”

posted November 19, 2013