VizKids camper’s adventure chronicled in Pittsburg paper

Quin Davis

Quin Davis

A 7th grader’s excitement at Texas A&M’s VizKids camp this summer was chronicled by his hometown newspaper in Pittsburg, Texas.

“They took us to the Viz Lab, and it was amazing,” Quin Davis told the Pittsburg Gazette about looking in on the graduate Visualization students. “Each person had two or three computers. Sometimes they stay there for days.”

VizKids camp, hosted each summer by the Department of Visualization, provides hands-on instruction in computer animation, lighting, drawing, character design and fun social activities.

Davis said he and his fellow campers worked on a stop-motion video featuring a man’s adventure that began when he was just walking on the street.

“As he was walking, a piece of paper flew by and hit him in the face, and then a tree. Some of it did not make sense, like a shark on a skateboard, pizza and then a fist came down and smashed him,” he said.

They also heard from a DreamWorks animator who worked on the clouds for “Shrek,” and learned the basics about making apps for the iPhone, he said.

posted September 12, 2012