Recent BED grad helps design education center in Rwanda

Rwandans will soon have a new education facility, designed in part by Zach Wise, a 2012 Bachelor of Environmental Design graduate from Texas A&M.

Wise, an intern with Engineering Ministries International, traveled to Kigali, Rwanda, to help design a training center for the Wellspring Foundation for Education, which works with Rwandans to empower a new generation of leaders through education.

The trip provided Wise, who has a growing interest in development work, with a way to use his architectural design skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in a developing land.

During his weeklong stay in Kigali, Wise worked alongside EMI architects and engineers, creating digital models to facilitate design decisions and communication.

At the end of the week, the team presented a master plan and schematic building designs, along with phasing options, to the Wellspring Foundation.

“Having the opportunity to work alongside professionals in their respective fields and being exposed to such a new and exciting culture and society was an incredible learning experience,” said Wise. “As a student in architecture, to be able to contribute on a project that will actually be built is a big plus too.”

After returning to EMI’s Calgary office, Wise will help work on the education center’s final design, which will be used for fundraising and eventual construction.

posted August 2, 2012