Viz Kids Camp 2012


This summer the Department of Visualization co-hosted two summer camps.  The first was Camp-Arch, a program where prospective students currently in high school have a chance to live on campus for a week and experience the culture.  Natalie Pittman was the instructor for those students participating in the visualization section of the camp.  Students spent the mornings and an occasional late evening working on a stop motion animation. The students come up with the method, story, and characters.  They had less than a week to produce a finished film to present to family at the end of camp.

The second camp was very similar to Camp-Arch.  Under the direction of Tyler Rosas, students from TAMU’s Youth Adventure Program worked in small teams to develop characters and short stories that were then brought to life using Legos.  Campers worked in the department’s main production studio to produce stop-motion movies.  Once the footage was edited each team added sound effects and their voices to complete their mini-productions. 

posted July 24, 2012