Hamilton makes magazine’s list of top U.S. healthcare design pros

Hailed as a renowned thinker, innovator and a longtime leader in the healthcare design community, Kirk Hamilton, professor of architecture at Texas A&M, was named to a national design magazine’s 2012 list of the Most Influential People in Healthcare Design.

“He continues to restlessly investigate, analyze, and discuss forthcoming trends and best practices,” said Todd Hutlock, editor-in-chief of Healthcare Design magazine.

It’s his second appearance on the list; in 2010, he was named as one of the magazine’s 25 Most Influential People in Healthcare Design.

Hamilton’s primary research interest is the relationship between evidence-based design of healthcare facilities and measurable organizational performance.

A faculty fellow at Texas A&M’s Center for Health Systems and Design, Hamilton also edits the Health Environments Research & Design Journal, an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal with a mission to enhance the knowledge and practice of evidence-based health care design by disseminating research findings, discussing issues and trends, and translating research to practice.

“The HERD Journal has brought true healthcare design research to the public via long-form research pieces that dive deep into the subject at hand to a level seldom found in other publications,” said Hutlock.

Hamilton is a member of the American Institute of Architects’ College of Fellows and an American College of Healthcare Architects’ Fellow.

He is also a founding principal of Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects, Inc., a design firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. As the firm’s healthcare practice leader for national and international hospital clients from 1983-2004, Hamilton was responsible for healthcare business development, visioning, strategy, master planning, schematic design, and medical planning.

“Many in the healthcare design field would be proud to have the above represent their entire career, but Hamilton shows no signs of resting on his laurels,” said Hutlock.
The magazine’s editorial board and staff and its publishing partners at The Center for Health Design selected the eight-person list based on nominations that showed why nominees were influential to today’s industry, not merely named out of respect or reputation, he said.

Also listed with Hamilton on the magazine's 2010 list of Most Influential People in Healthcare Design were four other CHSD Faculty Fellows: Mardelle Shepley and George Mann, professors of architecture, Roger Ulrich, a former Texas A&M architecture professor, and Craig Beale, director of the HKS Healthcare Group and Outstanding Alumnus of the College of Architecture.

posted May 24, 2012