Duffy named president-elect of Society of Counseling Psychology

Michael Duffy

The Society of Counseling Psychology’s efforts to support psychologists, students and international and professional affiliates will be augmented by president-elect Michael Duffy, a Center for Health Systems and Design Faculty Fellow and professor emeritus of counseling psychology at Texas A&M.

The society, a division of the American Psychological Association, also seeks to promote education and training, scientific investigation, practice, diversity and public interest in professional psychology while advocating for counseling psychology within the field of psychology and in the public sector.

The society pursues these goals by the formation of sections — formal and informal groups representing a variety of interest areas.

“My first encounter with counseling psychology was at the counseling center at the University of Texas at Austin,” said Duffy. “In contrast with traditional clinical psychology, I was entranced by this positive, developmental, preventive, diverse and naturalistic view of human behavior and problems; I felt that I had ‘come home’”.
Duffy has since spent more than 30 years as an independent practitioner, professor and often-times training director in counseling psychology at Texas A&M and has also held leadership positions in the APA.
His work has been in numerous publications including The Gerontologist, The Journal of Long Term Care, The Clinical Gerontologist, The Journal of Clinical Psychology and Professional Psychology.

posted April 18, 2012