Beyond Human Form

The ARTS 308 (Sculpture) class presented their second project of the semester in the department’s production studio. Seventeen projects were exhibited at the show. Some installations were wearable while others were more traditional, self contained, sculptural work. The theme of the exhibition was “body extension”, the ways in which our bodies and identities can be augmented or externalized through the creation of physical forms.

The class was assigned to create plaster casts of their own (or their friends’) bodies, at least for prototyping their proposed work. The outcome of the students’ work was extremely diverse, taking forms somewhere in a spectrum from expressionistic human figures to technological prostheses.

Aesthetic and material approaches also varied greatly. Different projects incorporating metal wire, paint, photographs on acetate paper, coffee and coffee packaging, unleavened bread, medical tubing, grape juice, yarn, sponges, textiles, oven bake sculpting clay, laser-cut plexiglass, feathers, metal hardware, gears, light fixtures, and plastic spoons.

posted March 2, 2012