Vizzers garner scholarships from Pixar, Dreamworks, ILM studios

Videos by graduate visualization students at Texas A&M won scholarships for their makers funded by major animation studios and their former student animators.

“Former visualization students at Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, and Industrial Light and Magic reviewed student work and compiled ranked lists of those they deemed the best,” said Tim McLaughlin, head of the Department of Visualization.

Below are the Aggie Vizzers who won scholarships along with samples of their work:

Scot Andreason: Pixar Aggie Scholarship

Brandi Parish: Pixar Aggie Scholarship

Junze Zhou: Pixar Aggie and DreamWorks Animation scholarships

Megan Walker: DreamWorks Animation Scholarship

Barrett Davis: ILM Aggie Alumni Award Scholarship

Justus Cook: Thomas Family Scholarship, associated with Electronic Arts

posted May 26, 2011