Manferdini Installation


In spring 2011, students from Visualization, Architecture, Landscape and Urban Planning, and English teamed up with Atelier Manferdini, Los Angeles, to construct a large scale, permanent installation for Azimuth Cafe in the College of Architecture. This Artist in Residence workshop focused on the relationship between digital scripting and fabrication. Similar to the illustrations of MC Escher, the installation is designed following general rules of planar tessellation and aggregation. The piece was entirely fabricated at the Architecture Ranch. A team of four Architecture students provided leadership. This project, hosted by the Artist in Residence program, is supported by the Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts, the College of Architecture, and the Department of Visualization.

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Elena Manferdini, Atelier Manferdini, Los Angeles


Design assistance, Atelier Manferdini
Eugene Kosgoron

Project support
Ward Wells
Lou Tassinary
Jorge Vanegas
College Executive Leadership Team

Design Liaison
Gabriel Esquivel

Logistics and support for fabrication and installation
Chuck Tedrick
Jim Titus

Workshop team leaders: Heather Davis Karine Bashoyan Matt Miller Chris Gassaway

Workshop team: Landon Hagan, Weecho Velasquez, April Ford, Allison Fields, Phuong Huynh, Garrett Broussard, Tony Upton, Xuemei Luo, Phuong Cac

posted May 2, 2011