Ph.D. student discusses housing's effects on health care at seminar

Ed Tarlton

Ed Tarlton  

Although many health care issues stem from housing problems, related research is rare, said Ed Tarlton, an urban and regional science Ph.D student at Texas A&M during an appearance at a recent seminar.

Tarlton discussed the connections between housing and health at the Spring 2011 Visionary Scholar Seminar Series sponsored by the university’s Center for the Study of Health Disparities.

The cost burden of housing affects the choices people make, he said, adding that quality health care is often sacrificed so people can put a roof over their heads.

Tarlton also discussed the history and current state of affordable housing policy as well as possible future initiatives that could address the issue.

Watch a video of Tarlton discussing his research and read more about his work in a related article on the Texas A&M News & Information Services website.

posted April 5, 2011