FS2 – Visualizing Form and Structure


How do you visualize a verb in the form of a structure, or an animation? Architecture students in ARCH-206 and Visualization students in VIST-206 were challenged with the task of building an abstract form based on words. This collaborative project between architecture and visualization studios evolved into a high-tech fashion show (FS2). Architecture students built wearable structures that represented their assigned word, while visualization students created abstract animations based on the same words. During the show, as each animation was projected, students donned their wearable structures and performed movements that emphasized the meaning of their word. The fashion show concept allowed the students to integrate light and space through motion and time. The physical presence of the architecture students in combination with the immaterial presence of projections and sounds was intended to visualize the dynamics of the fourth wall. At times the performance was more immersive and other times more interactive in a contemporary rendition of a ‘gesamtkunstwerk.’ This cross-disciplinary and cross-media work used notions of combining acoustics, visuals, and kinesthetics together in the quest for subjective meanings/interpretations from various audience perceptions.

posted March 2, 2011