Ndubisi honored with award from landscape architecture council

A national landscape architecture organization has recognized Forster Ndubisi, head of Texas A&M’s Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, characterizing his administrative service as “incontestably beyond the expectations of a department head.” 

The Council of Landscape Architecture Educators presented Ndubisi with the CELA Outstanding Administrator Award at its March 2011 annual meeting in Los Angeles.

“Ndubisi is an outstanding, effective, and efficient administrator who never forgets the human dimension and personal care in what he does and how he does it,” said the committee in a statement about Ndubisi and his fellow award winners.

He has provided an example for administrators everywhere, said the committee, through his curricular planning and implementation, faculty and student recruitment, research development and outreach/engagement activities.

CELA presents the award to honor outstanding administrative accomplishments or excellence in academic administration, supported by evidence of efforts to instigate, support or inspire improvements in the education and experience of students, the academic growth and productivity of program faculty, and the positive recognition of the academic unit by outside institutions.

Candidates are nominated by a faculty member in the unit with the endorsement and written support of an upper level academic administrator.

Ndubisi, who has headed LAUP since 2004, holds degrees in zoology with a minor in ecology, landscape architecture, and urban and regional planning. His teaching, research, and practice focus on ecologically oriented design and planning, community planning, growth management and sustainable regionalism.

posted November 14, 2011