Viz @ SIGGRAPH 2010


Students and faculty from the Department of Visualization were active participants at SIGGRAPH 2010, the annual international conference on computer graphics. The week began with Ann McNamara giving a presentation on current research pertaining to the role of perception in computer graphics. On the second day, Ergun Akleman presented his latest research on computer generated cyclic twill-woven objects. Department Head, Tim McLaughlin hosted a group discussion with educators and industry professionals on his recent efforts to coordinate joint CG productions between multiple campuses. Ariel Chisholm, Megha Davalath, and Robert Graf were the only students (from any university) to present during SIGGRAPH Dailies, a new presentation venue/event introduced at the conference this year. Ravindra Dwivedi, Meredith McLendon, and Megha Davalat displayed their recent research work at the conference poster session. Ann McNamara returned to the podium several times to either present or chair a panel discussion. The week of departmental participation concluded with a presentation on educational game design by Vinod Srinivasan and Lars Doucet.

posted July 29, 2010