Faculty and Students to present at SIGGRAPH 2010


Students and faculty from the Department of Visualization are scheduled to present their latest research and visual work at SIGGRAPH 2010 in Las Angeles, CA.  SIGGRAPH is the annual conference on computer graphics convened by the ACM SIGGRAPH organization.  Thousands of CG artists, researchers, developers and producers gather for this conference.

FYI:  SIGGRAPH is short for Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques


Perceptually Motivated Graphics, Visualization, and 3D Displays
Sunday, 25 July, 2-5:15 Pm
An exploration of current research on the role of perception in
computer graphics, virtual environments, visualization, and 3D
displays. Examples of up-to-the-minute research show how perceptual
research can benefit the computer graphics community.
Ann McNamara Texas A&M University
Katerina Mania Technical University of Crete

Detailed Surfaces
Monday, 26 July 10:45 am-12:15 Pm
Cyclic Twill-Woven Objects
Ergun Akleman Jianer Chen Yen-Lin Chen Qing Xing Texas A&M University

Perceptual Rendering Methods
Thursday, 29 July, 10:45 am-12:15 Pm
Subtle Gaze Direction
Reynold Bailey Rochester Institute of Technology
Ann McNamara Texas A&M University
Nisha Sudarsanam Mindjet Corporation
Cindy Grimm Washington University in St. Louis

Game Design
Thursday, 29 July, 2-3:30 Pm
Designing Entertaining Educational Games Using Procedural Rhetoric: A
Case Study Results of this real-world case study demonstrate that
effective and engaging learning games can be developed with minimal
effort, as long as sound game- design principles are used to maximize
fun and learning.
Lars Doucet Vinod Srinivasan Texas A&M University

Fur, Feathers and Trees
Thursday, 29 July 3:45-5:15 Pm
Ann McNamara Texas A&M University


Ariel is showcased in the dailies press release

Cool Shading Study
A small shading and lighting project to learn more about RenderMan’s
depth-of-field and bokeh controls.
Ariel Chisholm
Texas A&M University

Cool Concept Art
A series of digital concept paintings that explores non-verbal visual
narrative construction. The hypothesis is that there are compelling
kinds of narrative that can be communicated and understood visually
but not communicated or understood verbally.
Ariel Chisholm
Texas A&M University

Gargoyle: A Rigging Study
The challenge was to create a “cute” character model and rig. The
gargoyle was an interesting project, since it was both biped and
quadruped, and had a flight sequence.
Megha Davalath
Texas A&M University

Rendering the Mandelbulb
This presentation identifies problems and solutions for rendering a
Mandelbulb animation.
Robert Graf
Texas A&M University

posted June 22, 2010