Former students and PIXAR technical directors Keith Klohn and Angelique Reisch visit campus

Keith Klohn and Angelique Reisch

Former students, Keith Klohn and Angelique Reisch returned to the Viz Lab to spend two days interviewing students for internships and PUP (PIXAR’s Undergraduate Program). During their first evening back in Aggieland, Keith and Angelique spoke to a crowd of students, parents, and faculty about their work at PIXAR. Keith, an effects technical director, presented examples of the challenges they faced getting their computer systems to dynamically create and control the large amount of balloons needed for UP. Angelique, lighting technical director, gave a detailed presentation on the lighting design styles and principles used in UP. She showed breakdowns of various shots and explained how the lighting design used supported both the mood of the scene and the story of the film.

Keith Klohn and Angelique Reisch discuss PUP

posted April 2, 2010