Blue Sky Studios and Stereoscopic Films

Jayme Wilkinson

Jayme Wilkinson, Lead Stereographer for Blue Sky, gave a presentation to students and faculty on the subject of stereoscopic production. Using the film, Ice Age – Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Jayme showed stills, animatics, and movie clips that illustrated the progression a film makes through their production pipeline. Adding depth to the process is no easy step. The stereoscopic methods implemented must feel natural and add to the story of the film. During a Q&A session that followed, Jayme expanded upon the technical challenges stereographers face to avoid flat-card-like imagery.

Prior to Jayme’s lecture, Blue Sky recruiters, Debra Blanchard and Sabrina De Los Santos, spoke to students about working at Blue Sky Studios. Earlier that day they met individually with students to conduct reel critiques and interviews.

Debra Blanchard and Sabrina De Los Santos

posted April 12, 2010