Rome Digitally Reborn

Bernard Frischer

This week, students met with Bernard Frischer who discussed the history and current use of 3D computer modeling methods to reconstruct historical sites. Bernard Frischer is a leading digital humanist and professor at the University of Virginia, where he serves as the current Director of the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities. He is also currently the Director of the Virtual World Heritage Laboratory, whose mission it is to apply 3D digital tools to simulate cultural heritage artifacts and sites as heuristic instruments of discovery. He directed the excavations of Horace’s Villa and is a founding director of the ULA Cultural Virtual Reality Laboratory, which was one of the first labs in the world to use 3D computer modeling to reconstruct cultural heritage sites. Frischer has overseen many significant modeling projects, including “Rome Reborn,” which is a virtual reconstruction of the ancient Rome within the Aurelian Walls. For more information visit

Bernard Frischer with students

posted February 26, 2010